Getting there

Here is some advice on how to get to the conference centre in Novi Sad:

From Belgrade to Novi Sad

  1. With a private transport company
    For your convenience, there is a local company that can provide transport for your transfer from Belgrade to Novi Sad, and back. If you would like to make use of this transportation service please complete this transport form with your arrival/departure details and send this form to

  2. With public transport
    For your transfer from Belgrade's international airport to Novi Sad we recommend using the services of the Pana Comp Wonderland Travel Company (see option 1 above). Nevertheless, if you are interested in organizing the trip by yourself here you will find some useful information. Please note that bus and train tickets should be paid in local currency, i.e. Serbian dinar (RSD).

    From Airport Nikola Tesla to the Belgrade Bus and Railway Station

    Belgrade's international airport lies 20 km west of the Belgrade city centre. These are your options for getting to the city main bus station (in Serbian: Beogradska autobuska stanica) and central railway stations (in Serbian: Želežnička stanica) from the airport:

    • Airport shuttle. Air Serbia runs a bus service between the airport and its city terminal at Hotel Slavija (Slavija square) in the city center. The airport bus leaves the airport every 20 minutes between 07:00 and 19:00 taking approximately 30 minutes to reach the centre of Belgrade. Between 19:00 and 05:00 the airport shuttle operates less frequently, approximately once every hour. The bus also stops at the central railway station and the main bus station in Belgrade. One way fare is 300 RSD (~2,5 EUR) and can be paid directly to the bus driver.

    • Regular public transport. Public bus line 72 departs from the airport every 30 minutes, and will take you through several parts of Belgrade before arriving at its final stop near the Zeleni Venac green market in the city centre. The one way bus ticket costs 73 RSD if bought at a newspaper stand, or 150 RSD (~1.25 EUR) if bought from the bus driver. Although cheaper, this is probably not the best option for first time visitors to Belgrade, unless you have a map of Belgrade with yourself or are the adventurous type of traveller.

    • Taxi. Quite often the taxi drivers operating from the Belgrade Airport are heavily overcharging their clients. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use only taxis ordered at the airport`s TAXI INFO desk. The procedure is as follows:
    1. There is a TAXI INFO desk at the baggage reclaim area. Go to this stand and state your destination. You will be given a voucher with the price you will have to pay the taxi driver once you get to your destination. There are 6 zones with prices ranging from 1400 to 6000 RSD. The central railway station and the main bus station in Belgrade are in the second zone and getting there will cost you around 1800 RSD (~15 EUR).
    2. Once you obtain the voucher, exit the building and get the taxi.
    3. When you get to your destination, pay the taxi driver the fee stated in the voucher.

    From Belgrade Bus and Railway Station to Novi Sad Bus and Railway Station

    Although bus tickets are more expensive than train tickets we recommend using bus transport since it is faster and there are much more bus lines. Buses operate regularly between 03:50 and 22:35, with buses leaving every 15 minutes during peak hours for a rate of approximately 760-840 RSD (<7 EUR) in one way. The bus ride from Belgrade to Novi Sad takes about 90 minutes, here is the link to the timetable.

From Timisoara to Novi Sad

There is also a transport service from Timisoara airport to Novi Sad. The organisers can recommend Autoturist (please consider that noted prices are per vehicle).

From Novi Sad Bus and Railway Station to Master Congress Centre (Symposium venue)

These are your options for getting to the Symposium venue from the main bus and railway station in Novi Sad:

  • Walk. The main bus station and the railway station are less than 1.5 km from the Master Congress Centre. We marked the suggested walking route on Google map, so you can find your way easily.

  • Public transport. Take the bus line 11A at the Bulevar Jasa Tomica Street just in front of the main bus station. The Master Congress Centre is at the third bus stop. Ticket for one ride (no matter how far you go as long you don't change the bus) costs 55 RSD and is bought from the driver.

  • Take a taxi. Taxis in Novi Sad are not overly expensive (by Western standards). However, be careful of taxis unaffiliated with one of the major firms (especially at the railway station), or you may pay up to four times more than your fare should be. We recommend you to take one of the taxis waiting at the parking lot in front of the McDonald’s at the railway station. A trip from the bus station to the Symposium venue (Hajduk Veljkova no. 11 Street) should typically cost 200-250 RSD. It helps to have the address written out although many taxi drivers speak English. Some reliable taxi companies are: Pan, Vojvođani, SOS, Delta, Novus, Naš, Lav, Lux, Crveni, Red, VIP.