About the SETAC Europe Life Cycle Assessment Advisory Group

The SETAC Europe LCA Advisory Group is aimed at advancing the science, practice, and application of LCAs to reduce the resource consumption and environmental burdens associated with products, packaging, processes, or activities. It serves as the focal point of a broad-based forum for the identification, resolution, and communication of issues regarding LCAs. Moreover, it facilitates, coordinates, and provides guidance for the development and implementation of LCAs, in collaboration with the LCA North America and, more recently, also with other societies that address the life cycle concepts in an interdisciplinary way. This is achieved by means of a series of initiatives that includes, among others, the planning and organisation of LCA session at the annual meeting and conferences, such as the LCA Case Study Symposium. Since 2011, the SETAC Europe LCA Advisory Group has been joining the Global Coordinating Group (GCG), established as a mechanism for communication between the regional Advisory Groups in Europe and North America and to allow the other Geographic Units to have representation in global SETAC LCA affairs.

The mission of the LCA Global Coordinating Group within SETAC is to encourage and coordinate regional Advisory Group efforts to advance the science, practice, and application of LCAs and ensure that a global perspective is maintained toward the achievement of LCA Advisory Group objectives.

LCA Advisory Group Steering Committee

  • Ralph Rosenbaum, France
  • Michael Ooms, France
  • Tomas Rydberg, chair, Sweden
  • Serenella Sala, European Commission
  • Katarzyna Joachimiak, Poland
  • Gert Vanhoof, Belgium
  • David Cockburn, Sweden
  • Heinz Stichnothe, Germany
  • Igor Budak, Serbia
  • Jean-Florent Campion, France
  • Sara Palander, Sweden

Non-voting Members/Ex Officio Members

  • Bart Bosveld (SETAC Europe Executive Director)
  • Jane Bare (Chair SETAC North America LCA Advisory Group)
  • Jim Fava (UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative representative)
  • Bruce Vigon (SETAC LCA AG staff liaison)
  • Paolo Masoni (Member of the SETAC Europe Council)
  • Annette Koehler (Retired SC chair)
  • Angeline de Beaufort (Retired SC chair)
  • Rana Pant (Retired SC chair)
  • Christian Bauer - (Retired SC chair)