Programme overview

The scientific programme consists of the following sessions:

  1. LCA and Ecodesign to promote eco-innovation
  2. Education on promoting eco-innovation and sustainability
  3. LCA and SMEs: main motivations and advantages of using LCA (cancelled)
  4. Translating Life Cycle Thinking / LCA results into communications
  5. Environmental footprints
  6. Broadening the scope of sustainability assessment: Social LCA and LCC
  7. Developments in LCA methodology: increasing the reliability, simplicity and applicability
  8. LCA Databases and data networks: development and application of regional-specific LCI databases
  9. LCA of energy systems
  10. LCA of bio-systems and food products
  11. LCA in industry - eco-innovation
  12. LCA and urban metabolism: infrastructure, transportation, waste management
  13. Special session: LCA networking: improving cooperation for eco-innovation
  14. Special session: Water footprint - methods, standards and tools

The complete programme can now be viewed in this pdf or online: you can download abstracts per session, or for each presentation individually. 

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